How do I get my Elevate DVR/NVR online using P2P?

  • Plug in your Ethernet cable from your router into your LAN port on you DVR/NVR
  • Go to Main Menu
  • Click on Setting– at the bottom
  • Click on Network– on the left
  • Click onBase – across the top, ensure you have DHCP checked, We recommend adjusting your DNS settings and making the Primary and the Secondary, click Apply to save.
  • Click on P2P– across the top, ensure that there is a check mark next to “Enable”, and as long as there is no firewalls blocking and you have an Ethernet connection your status should read “CONNECTED”.
  • Go to and register a new account, from there add your device to the account, you can hit Register on the Invid Elevate app to register, but a device will still have to be added to the account.
  • You will then open the Invid Elevate app, login with your user name and password, hit the device icon in the top right, choose your device below and hit “OK”, it will load your live view, and you can select your view layout below, 1/4/9/16.
  • Step by step setup of getting your device online can also be found at our website here