How to Upgrade Your Paramont DVR or NVR

Upgrading Instructions Valid to V1.2.9, Learn how to upgrade the firmware in your Paramont DVR or NVR

The Paramont upgrade process must be performed at the DVR/NVR itself, it cannot be done from the web. Please follow the steps below to successfully upgrade your DVR/NVR.

  • Please contact tech support for firmware
  • Once the files are downloaded, copy and paste all files to a USB. When pasting the files to the USB they should NOT be in a folder.

  • The USB you use does not have to be empty but any files on the USB MUST be contained in a folder. If the files are not in a folder the DVR/NVR may try to install one of those files.
  • Power down the DVR/NVR
  • Plug in the USB stick to the front panel USB of the DVR/NVR
  • Power On the DVR/NVR, and wait around 2-4 minutes for the flash to upgrade
  • DVR/NVR will boot up and check to make sure it took firmware.