How do I get my Paramont Device online using P2P?

  • Plug in your Ethernet cable from your router into your LAN port on you DVR/NVR
  • Go to Settings, Click on Network, Insure you have“obtain IPv4 Address automatically”checked, We recommend getting rid of the checkmark for“Obtain DNS Automatically”and placing in the Primary box, and in the secondary box Click Apply to save.
  • Click on NAT which will be on a tab right above the screen you are on, check off the enable box and hit apply to save.
  • You will then open the Paramont CMS APP on your phone, go to Server List, click the plus sign in the top right, then click on the QR scanning Icon(box with horizontal line threw it)then scan the QR code on the NAT screen from your DVR/NVR.
  • Enter the password for your DVR at the bottom of your phone screen and click save/preview. This will kick you back to the Server List menu, wait for the WiFi icon to turn green, which means your device has officially connected and then hit the Play Button, this will bring you to your Live View window where you will see your cameras displayed.
  • Or you can download our P2P Quick Setup guide on our website here.