How to Add a Paramont DVR or NVR to Another Paramont NVR

Learn how you can view additional DVRs or NVRs from a Paramont NVR

  • Click the start button down in the bottom left select “Settings
  • If Settings is not highlighted you have to login first (default, admin/123456)
  • Now under “Camera” select “Add Camera
  • Select “Add Recorder”, you will see a list of recorders that are on the Local network listed below. If the recorder is on the same Local Network, highlight and hit “Add”. Put in devices User Name and Password, select cameras you want to add from device and hit “OK”.

  • If the Recorder is not on the Local network, select “Manual Add” at the bottom. When adding the device, you can either put in the WAN IP of your device (would need to be a static WAN IP) or choose “Domain Name” and enter in the name you have setup in your device. Port Forwarding would need to be done if adding the device through the WAN or DDNS name, enter in your Server and HTTP ports then your User Name and Password. Select cameras you want to add from device and hit “OK”.
  • The cameras will populate under the camera list and show you as online.