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2024 Cash Back & Benefits Program


Direct Tier Rebates

We want to reward and thank our customers for continuing to use InVid Tech products. Utilizing point-of-sale reports, you get a percentage back in the form of a credit on your Security Supply account when you buy and use InVid Tech products. 

  •  Spend $10,000 Get 1% Back!
  • Spend $25,000 Get 2% Back!
  • Spend $50,000 Get 3% Back!

We know you have many product options, and we want to support our customers using InVid Tech products. The program cannot be combined between distributors.


Exclusive Promos

Dealers enrolled in the Cash Back program will get exclusive deals and promotions on products available through the participating distributor they signed up with.


Extended Warranty

InVid Tech is confident and stands behind our product lineup. Certified Dealers enjoy an additional year of warranty on all our products, bringing most products up to a 4-year warranty.


Demo Discounts

Sometimes you need to have a product on hand to show your customer before they will buy. Customers like to see a product’s interface and quality before making a more significant purchase. We offer flat-rate demo discounts on products that allow you to showcase the product’s features & close the sale.


Marketing Assistance

We want to come alongside your company and help you advertise and gain more business. Give us your company logo and contact info, and we can add them to our flyers, graphics, and email blasts. It is like hiring an advertising agency to make your promotional materials. 


Company Training

You need to be confident in the products you are selling and installing. Time is money. You want to be able to set up a customer and be able to go quickly to the next job. We offer individual and company-wide training to help you set up and sell our products. 


Get Additional Customers

We want to point more customers in your direction. People are looking for someone reliable to install equipment, and we know we can trust our Certified Dealers to represent our product line well. When we have leads in your area, we will send them to you. 


Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage gives peace of mind and added protection, plus you get 30 days of footage that is guaranteed accessible. Cash back members get a total of 3 Months of Cloud Storage for FREE! Encourage your customers to sign up and earn RMR, Recurring Monthly Revenue! 


Beta Testing

We are continually working to bring you the best equipment that is easy to install. We know some people love to test products and review them. If you are one of those people, you can apply to Beta Test new products from InVid Tech.

Direct tier rebates are tied to this distributor and cannot be combined with different distribution channels. All rebate amounts are based on the distributor’s point of sale report. InVid Tech reserves the right to adjust or cancel programs at any time. Additional terms & conditions may apply. InVid Tech reserves the right to make changes to improve our products at any time without notice; we are not responsible for misprints.