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InVid Tech offers AI Triggered White Light Cameras


White Light Triggered Ai Cameras 

Have you ever missed details while reviewing footage from your cameras because the image was black and white at night? What if I told you there was a way to trigger the white lights on the camera when a human body or vehicle comes into view?

Would that interest you? Did you see the video clip that is playing? 

It started as B/W (from the IRs), then when the guy walked into the scene, the white light was triggered, providing enough light for a color image. Afterward, it went back to B/W. That was a White Light Triggered AI Camera that we have in stock!

The white light also acts as a deterrent. Someone will see the white lights come on and know they were detected!

Find White Light Triggered AI Cameras Here. 


Dual Technology

During the day, the camera provides a full-color picture. When dark, it utilizes standard IR LEDs & White Light technology. The IRs provide a clear B/W picture, and the white lights give a full-color image at night.



The camera will utilize more discreet IR LEDs when it is dark and nothing is occurring in the scene. These LEDs will provide a crisp B/W picture of what the camera is viewing at night. 


White Light

Triggered by an Ai Event, the camera changes from B/W to a full-color image and then back to B/W after the event is complete. For example, when someone walks in view of the camera, that could be considered an event, triggering the white lights to go on. When the person is out of the scene, the lights will go off and return to IRs. Additionally, the bright white lights also act as a deterrent.


Ai Technology

Humans & Vehicles, & Non-Motor Vehicles will trigger the camera to use White Light and provide a full-color image. The Ai trigger can be set up using a couple of different methods. You can set up areas using a box or lines in the video footage. You can set up to 4 customizable lines anywhere in the scene. These lines and boxes can be designed for different times and events to trigger them. For example, you can set up a line at your entrance and have it only trigger after hours versus during the day when there is regular traffic. 

Are You Curious how the White Light Works in an Actual Scenario?  

Below you can see the camera in action. We took photos of the scene and compared it to another camera with standard IR LEDs. 


Real Footage

Here, you will see an example of a camera with activated white lights. The camera is placed in the corner of the lobby when you walk into the front office. We took a picture of the camera close up so you could see the white lights. We also took a photo outside the lobby. As you can see, it's very dark outside, and you can see this very bright beam of light. While this bright light allows the camera to show a full-color image, it can also work as a deterrent to someone. They will quickly see that they are being recorded, and the spotlight is on them!



Comparing Two Cameras

We wanted to show you two cameras in the same lobby.  The picture is not 100% identical because one is mounted at a slightly different angle, and the lens sizes are different.  For our example of white light and standard IRs, these factors do not matter. 

When comparing these images, remember that it's very dark out.  We wanted to give you a point of reference, which is why we included the photo of the lobby from the outside.  Neither image has been edited.  The white Light Camera image is very vibrant.  Notice the colors from the shirt, mask, face, Christmas Tree, and Even the Blue Labels on the door!  Some labels are facing out, which is why they are white-washed out.  The White Light Camera is also a True Facial Recognition camera, which is why there is a red box around the face.  When you look a the Standard IR Camera, the picture is good.  It's clear, but it is entirely black and white.  When figuring out your application, you must ask how many details you will miss because the image is black and white.  Think about it, with a White Light Camera, even at night, you can see the color of someone's shirt, car, or hat; details that can be very important in identifying an individual.  If I am installing a camera, I will want one that gives me a full-color picture at night, especially if it is in the same price range as the other one!