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Why Cloud Storage?

Like insurance, Cloud Storage gives peace of mind and added protection for you, your family, and your business. 

Unfortunately, things happen, especially with technology. Recorders are not often looked at unless there is an incident, and that's when you realize that the unit isn't working and the footage is missing. I have seen people spend thousands trying to extract footage on recorders with crucial evidence, but the units were destroyed by fire or a power surge. I can't tell you how many times we have seen people go to get footage from a few days before, and it's gone, written over, because the settings got changed or were never correctly set. 

With InVid Tech Cloud Storage, you will get 30 days of footage that is guaranteed accessible. Your unit could be tossed into the ocean, and your footage will still be safe. 

Maybe you or someone you know has a rental property. You have a few cameras on the outside to let you know when guests arrive and ensure there are no rowdy parties. Now you don't have to worry about guests messing with anything. Your backup footage is entirely off-site. 

Cloud Storage is for everybody. Businesses, hospitals, gyms, homeowners, and apartments. The applications are endless, and the cost is minimal.  You can pick and choose the cameras you want to back up. It's time to have peace of mind and an extra layer of protection. 

We have options for new installations, existing installations, and even options to sell and install the product. Choose your application and start the process below.  


*Please note that the Cloud Software will only currently run on Windows-based platforms.  Mac computers or Chromebooks and mobile applications aren’t currently supported. We are working on a browser-based Mac solution as well as an app.  For now, if you do not have any Windows-based computers, you can download “Microsoft Remote Desktop.”  We will then create a login for a Windows server for you to view your software portal. (Additional Charges for Remote Desktop Login)

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