Elevate Series Downloads for PC 

Elevate CMS (Central Mgmt Software)

This is the free CMS (Central Management Software) for the Elevate Series for those using a PC. It will work with Elevate Series Products, adds support of the “I” model NVR and DVRs. Version V6.4.43.4.
After downloading and installing the software you will be prompted to enter a password. Please enter 1234567u 

Download Software Here
Download User Manual Here
Download PC Memory Allocation Chart

Elevate Tool for PC


This is the free IP utility for the Elevate Series for those using a PC. It is used to find devices (DVRs/NVRs/ IP cams) on the network and modify the IP info (IP Address, Sub-Net, Default Gateway) of those devices.  It can also be used to update camera firmware and make camera configurations quickly, as well as change devices passwords. Version Build 06/23/2018 (Update allows tool to search devices when having multiple networks on PC). Version
Download Here

Elevate Convert Tool

The Elevate Convert Tool will  allow you to convert .DAV files to .AVI files. 

Download Here 

vPlayer for Elevate Series
The player can be used for the proprietary DAV files to view and playback from the Elevate recorders.