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Competitor Comparison Chart

Find Common Competitor Parts & Get the Invid Tech Equivalent & Specs!

View on a computer, not a mobile device, for the best experience. 

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Start with these Products

New to InVid Tech? Here are some products you will want to consider.


AI Cameras

Fixed & Varifocal Options

AI Cameras offer Human & Vehicle Classification allowing for line crossing and intrusion detection. The cameras are offered in a variety of housing configurations and megapixel sizes.



5 & 8 MP Options, NDAA Compliant

Starlight cameras capture accurate color images where there is little to no light. We have NDAA Compliant options in 5 or 8 Megapixel options in various housing configurations.


Black Housing Options

Bullets, Domes, Turrets, Metal Case Options

Do you have a project that requires a black camera housing? We have multiple options for you.


White Light

Bullet & Turret Options

White light cameras allow a full-color image even at night. They are available in IP or HD Analog. Their bright white light also acts as a deterrent. Some include options such as Facial Recognition.



4-128+ Channels

NVRs start at 4 channels and go up to 128+. Some NVRs include advanced options such as Facial Recognition and AI functionality. Other options included 4K, camera resolution, and hard drive bays.



Many Sizes Available: 5" - 86"

InVid Tech has monitor options for every application. This includes Standard Monitors, 4K, Product Testers, Digital Signage, and the MyConnect Board Interactive Display.


InVid Tech has Many NDAA Compliant Products!

What is NDAA Compliant? See below!
  • Products that do NOT have a HiSilicon Chip and are NOT produced by Huawei or their subsidiaries 
  • Products that are NOT made by Hikvision or their subsidiaries 
  • Products that are NOT made by Dahua Security or their subsidiaries 
  • Products that are NOT made by ZTE or their subsidiaries 
  • Products that are NOT made by Hytera or their subsidiaries
  • Products may be made in China or made in another country
View NDAA Compliant Products

InVid Tech Project Registration

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There are thousands of opportunities to win more business. Will you win the projects, or will it be your competition? InVid Tech Project Registration allows you to Secure the Project through your company. When you register your project, you can Lock-in Your Price, often at a special reduced rate.  Not sure what InVid Tech products to use? InVid Tech will work with you to help you secure a win.

Ready to Register Your Project?

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This is all new to me. 

Switching over to a new brand of products can be a little overwhelming. We want to make things easy for you. Below you will find a few essential training videos to help you make that switch. You will see product features along with step-by-step guides to help you navigate InVid Tech products. Scroll down a little further, and you will find some FAQs people ask about us and our products.

Here you can find additional videos.

Connect to a 3rd Party NVR - Paramont Series
Did you know the InVid Tech Paramont IP Cameras connect via plug and play to a 3rd party NVR like Hikvision? Maybe you have an existing NVR, or you have a customer that doesn't want to switch. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to easily connect your Paramont Series Camera!
Connect to a 3rd Party NVR- Secure Series
Did you know the InVid Tech Secure IP Cameras* connect via plug and play to a 3rd party NVR like Hikvision? Maybe you have an existing NVR, or you have a customer that doesn't want to switch. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how you can easily connect your Secure Series Camera! 

*Excludes body temperature cameras & tablets

Paramont Mobile App Features
See the Paramont App in action. Some of the powerful features include Facial Recognition, License Plate Recognition, Line Crossing and much more! All in the palm of your hand.
Auto-Tracking Demo
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Frequently asked questions

I have been using other manufacturers for years. How do I know what InVid Tech part to use now?

Great question! It can be really difficult to switch over to a new brand. We have a chart you can review. Or if you have some products that you want us to compare for you just fill out this form and we will get you the InVid Tech equivalents.

Is InVid Tech ONVIF compliant?

YES! Nearly all of our products are ONVIF Compliant. 

Does your company have products in stock?

Yes, we do! We have stock on a full range of equipment, including IP & HD Analog products. We also have many monitor options in stock. Are you interested in a core list of products we suggest keeping on your truck for everyday jobs? View the list here

I have a few questions first. Is there anyone I can talk to?

Of course! Give us a call! 631-388-5700.  We have a team in our office. M-F 8:30-5pm EST.

Is email easier? or | 

How do I buy products?

InVid Tech sells through Authorized Distribution. You can find our products in many national distributor chains along with independent distribution. If you are looking for a distributor, we would be glad to put you in touch with a company! If you are looking for an installer in your area, we can help with that too! Our sales team is ready and available to help you wherever you are in the buying process. To start, you can call us: 631-388-5700 or fill out this form

Is your Mobile App Easy to Use?

Yes, our app is very easy and intuitive. From our Paramont App we offer Line Cross, Facial Recognition, and LPR (License Plate Recognition) search. The app will also allow you to add units via QR code. Here are some videos to help you get started.


Looking for Even More Info?

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