Starlight cameras have one of the best sensor chips in the industry for low-light surveillance. Cameras with this chip can capture accurate color images where there is little to no light. Starlight cameras can maintain a color image for an extended amount of time where other cameras would switch to a black and white image with the IRs on.

Often when you use IRs with a traditional camera, the detail in the black and white image will all seem to blend together. Starlight cameras can produce a clear, crisp, color image that allows you to see an immense amount of detail in the image. A Starlight cameras IRs may turn on if needed but will pick up all available natural light and utilize it to produce the best picture possible.

Starlight cameras work even at long distances to capture details. Utilizing a lower shutter speed and a little bit of light you can get an extremely clear picture.

Starlight cameras are affordable and available in many different housing options.

Starlight Technology Products

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