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InVid Tech has released a Dual Spectrum Camera System to measure the temperature of objects, humans, or animals. The system can accurately read the temperatures of multiple people simultaneously, per second with an accuracy of <0.54 Degrees F. You can customize the system to alert you when anyone passes through whose temperature is above the threshold set.

As opposed to cheap imitation products that are on the market, InVid Tech offers a complete system, which includes a calibration device, that is ALWAYS running. The calibration device is necessary for accurate readings from that distance and to be able to capture multiple people. Continue scrolling down on this page for system setup examples. 

With everything going on in the world, you can imagine the necessity of this camera, especially in Hospitals, Schools, and Airports.

Below are a couple of demo Videos. If you would like to view other Dual Spectrum System Videos You can view the playlist Here. Our full YouTube page, with videos including Facial Recognition, can be viewed Here

Demo Video with Live Footage 



Demo Video with Scenarios