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CMS for PC
This is the free CMS (Central Management Software) for the Vision Series for those using a PC. It will work with Vision Series IP Products. Version: Win 64 B1130-1.2.0 (Increased performance and support of GPU decoding with Intel GPU for H.264 format video. Supports up to 64 Channels). Vision CMS Ref Configurations 
Download Here  |  Data Sheet

Vision Tool for PC
This is the free IP utility for the Vision Series for those using a PC. It is used to find devices (NVRs/ IP cams) on the network and modify the IP info (IP Address, Sub-Net, Default Gateway) of those devices.  It can also be used to update camera firmware and make camera configurations quickly, as well as change devices passwords. Version: B0011P20C02 Build: 180516
Download Here
Vision Media Player
This is the free media player for local recordings. It supports videos in .ts and .mp4 formats and on the SD card. It also offers synchronous playback, watermark detection, and both snapshot and video clipping. Version: 1111-1.2.0 Build: 190424
Download Here